make p:rem

Make p:rem is a leading brand from South Korea, known for its philosophy of creating multifunctional beauty products. Inspired by the Nordic concept of "lagom", which means "just the right amount", make p:rem aims to offer simple and effective skincare suitable for all skin types. The brand's products are characterized by high-quality ingredients and innovative technology to provide premium skincare.

Natural powerful ingredients from Northern Europe

All products contain ingredients that come from plants in Northern Europe, including the world's first stem cells from Nordic berries developed in collaboration with VTT, a public research center in Finland. These ingredients are rich in vitamin C and offer excellent antioxidative, anti-inflammatory, and moisturizing properties. The products also contain extracts from peat moss which are good for hydration and anti-aging, and birch sap which effectively moisturizes thanks to its amino acids and saccharides.

What makes make p:rem special?

Efficiency and ingredients

Make p:rem stands out with its ability to combine high-quality ingredients with advanced technology, resulting in effective beauty products suitable for all skin types. The brand uses ingredients such as Arctic raspberry extract, birch sap from Finland, and peat water from Denmark, providing deep nourishment and moisture to the skin. Moreover, the ingredients are supported by make p:rem's patented Micro Trans Moisture Technology, which improves penetration deep into the skin.

Tailored for sensitive skin

For those with sensitive skin, make p:rem offers the Safe Me line, developed specifically to soothe irritation, reduce blemishes, and minimize redness with gentle ingredients. This line suggests a simple skincare routine starting with the Safe Me Relief Moisture Cleansing Foam, followed by the Safe Me Relief Essence Toner, both of which contain soothing ingredients like glycerin, raspberry, coconut, and lavender extract.

Sunscreen for every skin type

Its UV Defense Me series includes six different types of sun protection tailored for various skin types. From the award-winning UV Defense Me. Blue Ray Sun Fluid SPF50+ PA++++, suitable for all skin types, to the UV Defense Me. Blue Ray Sun Gel SPF50+ PA++++, ideal for oily or combination skin with its lightweight gel texture that absorbs quickly without leaving a sticky feeling.

Discover make p:rem – The key to simple and innovative skincare

Whether you're looking for a daily skincare routine that is both simple and effective, or if you want to explore the latest innovations in Korean skincare, make p:rem has the products for you. Explore our selection of make p:rem products and let your skin experience the benefits of pure, effective, and balanced skincare.