Bilden visar TIRTIRs "Mask Fit Tone Up Essence" med SPF30 PA+++. En primer i en stilren beige flaska som framhäver hudens ton och ger solskydd.


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Korean primers have quickly become a must-have in your makeup bag for many, thanks to their unique ability to combine innovative formulas with nutritious ingredients. These primers not only offer improved durability for your makeup, but also deliver exceptional skincare benefits for a radiant, flawless finish. They are indispensable for those who want a smooth transition between skincare and makeup, making them the perfect foundation for radiant skin.

Create a flawless surface with a silky finish

Primers developed in South Korea are known to create a smooth and silky finish that minimizes the visibility of pores and fine lines. These products not only help to improve the durability of your makeup but also contribute to the long-term health and radiance of your skin.

Light and moisturizing formulas

A unique feature of Korean primers is their lightweight and moisturizing formula. Unlike heavier varieties that can clog pores, Korean primers are designed to allow the skin to breathe while providing an optimal base for makeup. They often contain skin conditioning ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, green tea and snail extract that actively improve skin texture and elasticity.

Innovation in K-Beauty

Innovation is key in K-beauty and this is reflected in the development of primers. The products are often enriched with advanced technologies to treat specific skincare needs, such as controlling oil production, increasing radiance or even offering sun protection. This makes Korean primers a versatile part of your beauty routine, not only preparing your skin for makeup but also nourishing and protecting it throughout the day.

Enhanced makeup with skincare benefits

Integrating a Korean primer into your daily makeup routine can make a noticeable difference in how your skin looks and feels. With their ability to improve makeup durability while offering significant skincare benefits, Korean primers offer the best of both worlds. Explore the extensive range of K-beauty and let your skin experience the innovation and care that Korean skincare is known for.

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