I'm from

With its slogan "Nature as it is, it's I'm From", the Korean beauty brand wants to I'm From conveys its strong commitment to using and celebrating the purity and beauty of nature. A unique feature of the brand is that in addition to the conventional ingredient list, they also specify the place of origin and the exact name of the farm where the main ingredient has been harvested, demonstrating a transparent approach.

I'm From is synonymous with natural skincare. They source their ingredients directly from Korea's lush nature and draw inspiration from ancient traditional methods that have been used for centuries to treat various skin conditions. This combination of tradition and innovation has resulted in products that are both safe and effective, making them popular with a wide audience. Whatever your skin type, the I'm From products that contribute to a healthier skin.

Some of the most popular products from I'm From include face masks enriched with traditional Korean ingredients such as rice, honey and ginseng. These products have received global attention for their tangible results and the instant glow they give to the skin.