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SKINFOOD is the first cosmetics brand to be based on food. SKINFOOD believes that nutritious food results in nutritious beauty for healthy and beautiful skin. SKINFOOD's food philosophy drives product development to ensure only high quality food ingredients are used to create a more beautiful and healthy lifestyle. SKINFOOD's roots go back to 1957.

Healthy skin starts with food. Food contains vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that are good for the body both inside and out. SKINFOOD uses these nourishing elements in all its products to deliver targeted nutrition and care. Brazilian black sugar, South Asian royal black honey, sun-ripened tomatoes from trusted farms in South Korea - these are just a few of the good-for-you ingredients in our products. SKINFOOD include in their product development. The key to maximizing beauty is in the food that surrounds us.

SKINFOOD meets with farmers all over the world to ensure we get only the best ingredients grown under the best practices, such as organically grown tomatoes, salads and cucumbers. Eco-friendly and sustainable farming practices are a cornerstone of SKINFOOD's philosophy. SKINFOOD's research and development teams test, study and test again to ensure they can deliver powerful food-based skincare products for healthy and beautiful skin. SKINFOOD are committed to doing things the right way, even if it takes a little longer. SKINFOOD focus on timeless beauty, not short-term results.

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