En burk ansiktskräm från varumärket MIZON bredvid några stenar och växter.


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The South Korean beauty brand MIZON first saw the light of day in 2000. Behind the brand are five men who, after many years in research and development at one of South Korea's largest beauty groups, Amore Pacific, decided to develop their own skincare brand. The vision of MIZON was to be able to offer high-quality Korean beauty to everyone regardless of wallet, and the philosophy today is to constantly develop innovative, unique and result-oriented beauty products with both active and skin-friendly ingredients at affordable prices.

MIZON is always at the forefront of research and development, with a constant focus on developing new, creative solutions that can be easily integrated into your daily beauty routine. The motto of MIZON is to reduce the risk of skin irritation by keeping the compositions as simple and pure as possible while maintaining ease of use, and without compromising on quality. MIZON Coson manufactures all of its products in-house and has a very high standard of manufacturing methods in terms of technology and quality, as evidenced by the fact that the founders' parent company Coson develops products for leading beauty companies such as Amore Pacific and Estée Lauder.

MIZON Its best-selling products come from the snail series, a series based on a high percentage of snail secretion, which is one of the most popular ingredients in K-beauty. The snail secretion that MIZON used in its products is extracted in snail-friendly laboratory environments where snails are allowed to move freely, so no snails are harmed. The snail secretion is then collected, purified and pulverized before being used in products.

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