En transparent flaska med hyaluronsyra-ampull, märkt med svart och turkos. Den ligger på en speglande yta med vattendroppar, med en suddig turkos bakgrund.


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Coxir is a South Korean skincare brand established in 2016 and has quickly gained global popularity thanks to its high-quality and affordable products. It is a subsidiary of NOKSIBCHO Cosmetics, a company that has been active in the Korean beauty industry since 1979. Coxir is characterized by its use of mild, plant-based ingredients, resulting in minimal but highly effective formulas that keep the skin healthy and balanced.

Coxir is distinguished by its commitment to creating beauty products with pure ingredients that do not irritate the skin, while maintaining skin health and balance. With products for every skin type, the brand offers a diverse range of affordable skincare products that target specific needs. Coxir's approach to the use of natural ingredients and cruelty-free manufacturing processes has also contributed to its growing success.

Their products are inspired by nature and developed to be effective while being gentle on the skin. Coxir strives to create formulas that are simple but effective, making their products well suited to maintaining healthy and balanced skin.

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