Två tuber med hudvårdsprodukter på en bricka från det koreanska varumärket AXIS - Y.


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AXIS - Y manufactures products that contain natural and skin-friendly ingredients. AXIS - Y The vision has always been to develop products that are effective and made with natural formulas that have proven results. AXIS - Y is committed to using the safest and most natural ingredients to provide us with high quality and effective products.

AXIS - Y always take into account which ingredients can be harmful to your skin, and are therefore very careful about the ingredients used in their products. AXIS - Y products are free from ingredients such as parabens, artificial fragrances and mineral oils.

AXIS-Y focuses on providing customers with a simple but effective solution for taking care of their skin. Their products contain high quality ingredients that are selected to provide noticeable results, while being gentle on the skin.

AXIS-Y puts the customer's needs first and works hard to develop products that help solve the most common skin problems such as dark circles, acne, dryness, wrinkles and sun damage. Their product line includes cleansers, toners, essences, eye creams, face masks, serums, and face creams.

One of their most popular products is their Centella Blemish Ampoule, a powerful solution for acne-prone skin types. This product contains a unique combination of centella asiatica extract, niacinamide and salicylic acid to effectively remove impurities and reduce skin inflammation.

AXIS-Y follows a holistic approach to skin care, taking into account both the external and internal health of its customers. Their products are cruelty-free and contain no parabens, sulphates or synthetic fragrances. This allows customers with sensitive skin to use their products with confidence.

AXIS-Y aims to make skincare simple, accessible and available to everyone, regardless of budget or skin type.

AXIS-Y also has a strong commitment to the environment and follows sustainable practices in the packaging and distribution of its products. They use eco-friendly packaging and minimize waste as much as possible in their operations.

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