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4. Facial toner

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After all the cleansing, it's time to moisturize the skin while balancing the pH balance. While a toner can help remove any residue from your cleansing, it also prepares the skin to be extra receptive to absorbing the creams that follow.

Use the toner on a cotton ball and swipe over your face after cleansing or pour some into your hands and gently pat it onto your skin. Korean women always pat in their products because they are said to absorb better and faster into the skin. You can also spray the toner over your face.

Why do Koreans use toner?

In the K-Beauty toner is not for cleaning. The main purpose of toner is to balance the skin's pH level after facial cleansing (which tends to make the skin more alkaline). Using toner also helps the rest of your skincare routine work more effectively.

Is toner good for oily skin?

Toner is good for oily skin as it penetrates the pores to provide a more thorough cleansing and also helps to balance the skin.

Can I use toner every day?

Please use toner regularly, preferably daily. Ideally, a toner should be applied twice a day, once after the cleansing process in the morning and the second time, during the evening skin care routine after careful makeup removal.

What is the role of toner in the Korean skincare routine?

Korean toners, also known as lotions, are rich in ingredients that moisturize the skin. You can find ingredients like kelp extract, mineral water, amino acids, hyaluronic acid, grape seed oil and carrot root oil.

Can I use a toner without a moisturizer?

This can be either a yes or a no. Some toners are moisturizing, which means they attract moisture. So if your skin is extremely oily and you feel that your toner provides enough moisture, you can definitely skip the moisturizer.

Choose a toner that suits your skin type

  1. Oily skin should choose an alcohol-free toner that also gently exfoliates.
  2. Dry skin should choose a toner that helps to moisturize and enable absorption.
  3. Combination or normal skin can use any type, as long as it is an alcohol-free toner.

Can toner remove acne scars?

An anti-acne toner helps remove oil and impurities from the skin and prevents pores from clogging. Some toners can also provide anti-inflammatory benefits and reduce the appearance of acne scars.. Ingredients such as glycolic acid, witch hazel and salicylic acid are often used in acne toners.

Can toner remove blackheads?

Toner can be helpful if you are experiencing blackheads as a problem as it can help remove excess oil on the face. A toner also helps to balance the skin's pH, which can help regulate the skin's barrier function and oil production.

Is toner needed?

Toner is not necessary for everyone but it can offer additional benefits if you have a specific skin problem that you want to address.

Using toner can be beneficial because it helps to remove any traces of dirt and oil left on the skin after cleansing, provides moisture and helps to balance the skin's pH. Toner also helps to close your pores, giving you a smoother complexion with fewer breakouts.

Toner should be used at least twice a week to keep your skin balanced and healthy. Try to use toner after cleansing and before applying serum, moisturizer and sunscreen in the morning, and in the evening after removing all makeup.

How to use toner?

If you use toner correctly, you can restore your skin's pH balance, minimize pores and even out your skin tone. To use toner properly, start by cleansing your face with your favorite cleanser. Then pour a small amount of toner onto a cotton pad and gently pat the skin in an upward motion. Let the toner dry naturally and then finish with a moisturizer.

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