TIRTIR is a prominent South Korean brand in the beauty industry, known for its quality skincare and makeup products. The brand was founded in 2016 by Korean beauty influencer Lee Yubin and has since grown rapidly in popularity, especially in Korea and Japan. TIRTIR, whose name is an acronym for "Trust + In + Radiance", aims to provide safe products that enhance the skin's natural radiance and build trust with users through carefully selected ingredients.

TIRTIR Mask Fit Red Cushion: Revolutionary foundation from Korea

One of TIRTIR's most popular products is their Mask Fit Red Cushion, a cushion foundation that has sold over 5 million copies in Japan. This product is known for its unique formula that effectively minimizes excess oil on the face and provides an even and flawless complexion. It provides a perfect matte finish that lasts up to 72 hours.

Radiant and natural looking skin with TIRTIR Mask Fit Tone Up Essence

Another prominent feature product is TIRTIR's Mask Fit Tone Up Essence which is ideal for achieving a natural look with radiant skin. The product is available in two colors - a natural beige that discreetly hides imperfections and a mint color that helps with color correction.

TIRTIR My Glow Lip Oil: The solution for perfect lips

For the lips, it offers TIRTIR My Glow Lip Oil, which is particularly good for dry and chapped lips. This lip oil is enriched with jojoba oil for deep hydration and is available in variants with nutritious ingredients such as honey and flower extract.

Transform your skincare routine with TIRTIR's Glow Line

TIRTIRs Glow Line is specifically designed to provide intense hydration and a brighter complexion. An example of a product in this line is the Milk Skin Toner, which is thick like a cream but refreshing like a toner. It is popular for its ability to brighten, smooth and improve skin's radiance, thanks to ingredients such as rice bran extract and niacinamide.

TIRTIR: Beauty products without compromise

The products from TIRTIR are free of sulphates and parabens, making them ideal for sensitive skin. Their products combine simple ingredients with advanced technology to offer skincare products that are both effective and safe.