FRUDIA is a South Korean skincare brand that creates products by combining the power of fruits with modern science. They use R VITA W™ technology, a low-temperature process, to extract nutrients from seeds and fruit peels while maintaining effectiveness. This technology is central to ensuring that the skincare products from the FRUDIA are rich in the best nutrients that fruits can offer. The focus is on minimizing nutrient losses during the extraction process to maximize the products' positive effects on the skin. All their production takes place in South Korea, which guarantees high quality products.

FRUDIA:s product range includes face masks, hand creams and other skincare products, all designed to harness the natural benefits of the fruits. The brand emphasizes the importance of using natural ingredients to improve skin health and appearance. By using whole fruits, including the seeds and peel, the brand can FRUDIA maximize the use of the fruits' nutrients, which contributes to the effectiveness of the products.

In summary, the market combines FRUDIA the nutritional benefits of fruits with advanced skincare technology to offer a wide range of skincare products that help improve the health and appearance of the skin.