Aromatica is a prominent Korean organic skincare brand known for its uncompromising commitment to high-quality, natural and organic beauty care. The company was founded in 2010 by Jerry Kim, a visionary who recognized the lack of safe and natural skin and hair care products in the Korean market. With a strong belief that safety and quality should never be compromised, Jerry Kim has Aromatica set an impressive standard in the industry.

Aromatica have been recognized both nationally and internationally, and they have an impressive list of prestigious awards. Their 'ECOCERT' certification confirms their commitment to ecologically sustainable products, and they are proud to be the only Korean brand to be awarded 'Skin-deep Champion' status by the EWG. This award is reserved only for beauty brands that can guarantee that their products are free of toxins and hazardous substances.

Aromatica has set a new standard for quality and safety in the beauty industry by carefully selecting the finest ingredients from around the world and using only the very best essential oils in their products. Their dedication to offering the best in organic beauty has led them to achieve a cult status both in Korea and globally.Aromatica is a trusted and respected player in organic beauty care and continues to deliver products that live up to their high standards.