Why should you wear sunscreen?

Most of us know the importance of using sunscreen during the summer months to avoid sunburn and damage, but it really should be a preventive health measure all year round. Always use sunscreen regardless of skin color or tone. Sunscreen dates back to ancient Egypt, where rice bran extract and jasmine were used to protect the skin from the sun. Chemists invented the first commercial sunscreen in 1936. Modern sunscreens are water-based and are included in many cosmetics and beauty products, such as primers, foundations, serums and creams.

Why you should always wear sunscreen, even on cloudy days

Up to 80% of the sun's rays can pass through clouds, so if you think it's "OK" to forgo protection on an overcast day, think again. Sunscreen is an important preventative health habit that should be maintained all year round, including the winter months. Snow can reflect up to 80 percent of ultraviolet (UV) rays, increasing the risk of exposure to sun damage.

The benefits of sun protection

Sunscreen is the best-kept beauty secret that isn't really a secret. Many of us already know that we need SPF sunscreen when we're happily sunbathing on the beach. But if you want to keep your skin radiant and healthy in the long term, you also need to use sunscreen daily.

  1. Reducing the risk of skin cancer

Sunscreen protects your skin and reduces the risk of skin cancer. In fact, the Skin Cancer Foundation claims that the use of sunscreen with SPF-factor 15 reduces the risk of developing squamous cell carcinoma by 40% and the risk of melanoma (the deadliest skin cancer) by as much as 50%.

  1. Protecting against sunburn

Did you know that sunlight actually consists of two types of harmful rays, UVA and UVB rays. UVA rays (also used in tanning beds) are mainly linked to long-term skin damage such as the formation of wrinkles, and are also associated with certain skin cancers. However, it is UVB rays that are responsible for sunburn and are thought to cause most forms of skin cancer. Thankfully, sunscreen defends the skin against UV rays by absorbing and reflecting sunlight.

  1. Avoid inflammation and redness

Too much time in the sun will result in sunburn, severe redness and inflammation of the skin. The ultraviolet rays from the sun damage the skin, which turns red as the body directs more blood to the affected area to repair the damage.

  1. Prevent wrinkles and fine lines from forming

When it comes to developing wrinkles and fine lines, one of the most effective prevention methods is sun protection. Prolonged exposure to UVA rays ages your skin prematurely and results in the loss of collagen and skin elasticity. In fact, approximately up to 90% of visible signs of ageing are caused by sun damage. By introducing SPF into your daily skincare routine, you can ward off the early signs of ageing with minimal effort.

  1. Avoid spots and hyperpigmentation

Uneven skin pigmentation (or hyperpigmentation) refers to parts of the skin becoming discolored or darkening inconsistently. This can be hereditary, but it can also be caused by sun exposure. Pigmentation spots can appear on the face, hands and other parts of the body that are regularly exposed to the sun. The good news? There is a simple way to avoid dark spots (as well as sunburn, wrinkles and skin cancer) - and the solution is to wear sunscreen all year round, not just in the summer.

Which SPF is best for daily use?

When choosing a sunscreen, look for the phrase "broad spectrum". This description signals that the formula protects against both UVA and UVB rays. Then check the number for the sun protection factor (SPF) which assesses the effectiveness of the sunscreen in blocking UV rays. For the best defense, choose a sunscreen with the at least SPF 15.

How to apply a SPF?

  1. Treat the skin first by applying a serum.
  2. Spread a reasonable amount of sunscreen on your hands
  3. Rubbing your hands to warm up the sunscreen
  4. Apply first to the face - forehead, nose and cheeks
  5. Then work the rest of the sunscreen into your face. Apply to larger areas last - neck and chest.

Our 5 most popular sunscreens

Isntree - Hyaluronic Acid Watery Sun Gel 50ml

Sunscreens containing SPF 50+ PA++++ to protect skin from the sun's ultraviolet rays. The sun gel is formulated with ceramides and eight types of hyaluronic acid to moisturize the skin. Suitable for use all year round.

COSRX - Aloe Soothing Sun Cream 50ml

This delightful sunscreen not only helps protect the skin from UVA and UVB rays, thanks to its concentrated aloe vera content, it also intensely moisturizes the skin and strengthens its natural moisture barrier. Aloe Soothing Sun Cream SPF 50 PA+++ is light in texture and is quickly absorbed by the skin, leaving it feeling soft, fresh and intensely moisturized.

Beauty of Joseon - Relief Sun 50ml

Sun cream with sun protection SPF 50+ PA++++ which effectively protects the skin against UVA and UVB rays. Containing ingredients of rice extract and cereal-based probiotics that help keep the skin supple and moisturized.Formulated without oxybenzone, octinoxate and animal ingredients which makes it Relief Sun suitable for sensitive skin.

PURITO - Daily Go-To Sunscreen 60ml

Sunscreen with a strong UV protection of SPF 50+ PA++++.This unscented sunscreen contains centella asiatica extract and madecassoside to soothe and protect sun-irritated skin.Suitable for all skin types.

FRUDIA - Ultra UV Shield Sun Essence 50g

This moisturizing sunscreen has a light and thin texture that provides long-lasting protection and binds moisture to the skin. Completely vegan, the sunscreen is EVE VEGAN certified and contains nutritious extracts from vitamin-rich fruits. Free from parabens and artificial colors.