All about Korean sheet masks

Korean sheet masks are the gateway to the world of Korean beauty and skincare. Sheet masks act as inexpensive mini-facial treatments that, among other things moisturizing, anti-wrinkle while some even out skin tone. Sheet masks can have varying functions, materials and ingredients. But the majority of all sheet masks are vare usually made to brighten, moisturize, control sebum production and have an anti-aging effect. Most sheet masks are soaked in essences containing nutritious and active ingredients. Sheet masks prevent the essence from evaporating, locking in all the moisture and protecting the skin from exposure to external factors.

What are the different materials in sheet masks?

Sheet masks are usually made from either cotton fiber sheets or artificial cellulose fibers such as cupra, tencel or microfiber. There are also other materials, such as a jelly-like material called hydrogels. The hydrogels themselves are made from essence, making the mask 100 percent water soluble! Because of this unique property, the hydrogels will begin to melt slightly when they come into contact with the heat of the skin.

In addition to hydrogels and cellulose sheet masks there are also bubble masks which usually help to clean the pores. Foil masks that help trap moisture and nutrients, and occasional clay masks that help cleanse and nourish.

How many times a week can sheet masks be used?

Sheet masks can actually be used every day.

Here are some tips:

  1. Get to know your skin: Everyone's skin is different! So always pay attention to your skin condition and how your skin feels.
  2. The right product: It is not the frequency of use that makes a difference to your skin, but the actual mask you use. The easiest way is to try different masks and find the ones that work best for you.
  3. Environment and external factors: Depending on your location, climate and travel schedule, you may need to reduce or increase the frequency of your sheet masks.

When do sheet masks enter my skincare routine?

With all the different toners, serums and essences, when do sheet masks come into play? There is no fixed golden rule as every skin type is different and what works for one skin type may not suit another. But generally speaking, the recommended routine is: cleanse, toner, sheet mask and then moisturize.

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How to use a sheet mask?

A common mistake for beginners is to leave the mask on for too long. Remember: do not leave the mask on overnight! Sheet masks should be worn between 15-25 minutes and not exceed 30 minutes. Leaving sheet masks on until they dry will actually cause the opposite effect, as the mask will reabsorb the moisture from the skin.

There is essence left in the package, should I throw it away?

No, do not throw it away! The leftover essence can be used on the arms, neck, elbows and knees for extra moisture and nourishment.

Can I reuse sheet masks?

Sheet masks are for single use only.

When to use sheet masks?

Sheet masks are great to use at night or in the morning before applying makeup. We recommend using sheet masks that are creamier and richer at night so that all the nutrients can really sink in while you sleep.

Instructions for sheet masks:

  1. Remove the mask from the package.
  2. Unfold the mask and place it on your face, aiming the holes at your eyes, nose and mouth. If there is any residual essence left in the package, pat the extra essence over your neck, arms, elbows, knees, etc.
  3. Sit back and relax for 15-25 minutes.
  4. Then remove and discard the mask.
  5. Gently pat the remaining essence into the skin for maximum absorption.
  6. Then apply a moisturizing face cream to preserve all the nutrients in the skin.